• Paint

    Spice up with paint during your birthday party? You can choose from:

    ∙ Make canvas painting with acrylic paint
    From 5 years
    ∙ Painting breakfast service with porcelain paint
    From 5 years
    ∙ T-shirt, gym bag or pillow pimple…

  • Wood

    Do you want a cool party where you are going to use a saw and a hammer? I'm curious what you choose ...

    ∙ Your own creation
    From 6 years
    ∙ Make your own birdhouse
    From 8 years
    ∙ Mega marble maze
    From 9 years
    ∙ Make your…

  • Textile

    Prefer to fribble with textile, ribbons, feathers and beads? That is also possible!

    ∙ A painting of pieces of cloth.
    From 5 years old
    ∙ Paint T-shirt, pillow, backpack, pouch or wallet with textile paint.
    From 5 years old

  • Paper

    Cut, paste and scrape. You can make the most beautiful things with paper. You can choose from:

    ∙ Papiermaché animals or masks, wooden boxes or terracotto piggy banks stick with decopatch paper
    From 5 years
    ∙ Painting of…

  • Metal

    ∙ Make your own robot with tin and iron.
    From 8 years
    ∙ Soldering. Create your own wire art object. (6 kids only)
    From 10 years

  • Recycle

    A mystery box filled with residual waste. Let your imagination run free and make something crazy...

    From 5 years

  • Stone

    Soapstone (soapstone/steatite) is a soft type of stone, which is easy to carve. With simple tools and simple techniques, beautiful sculptures can be made.

    From 9 years

  • Ink

    Ink is a liquid colorant used for writing, drawing, dyeing or printing. At Bibelebon KinderAtelier you can choose from:

    ∙ Make your own painting with ecoline and sippet newspaper
    From 5 years
    ∙ Create zentangle drawing

  • Foam clay
    Foam clay

    Foam Clay is a self-hardening, mixable modeling material that contains small beads and is ideal for creating many shapes and figures. You can apply Foam Clay to wood, ceramics and papier-mâché.

    ∙ Animal money bank (including…

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